Kirk Cooper – Film Market Access

Getting to know Kirk Cooper was a breath of fresh air. A very real individual who has a well rounded outlook on the industry. Currently the CEO of Film Market Access, Cooper takes a group of individuals to film festivals, to Cannes he brought producers and filmmakers from South Africa, Canada, and India, to help guide them throughout their time at the festival.

As one of these individuals I found great pride to be with Cooper, Film Market Access, because I never felt alone or lost among the many creative peopleĀ at Cannes. Being at Cannes, one of the largest Film Festivals in the world, I felt it was easy to be overwhelmed and by having a supportive team like Film Market Access gave me confidence when taking on the festival as a young filmmaker.

I asked Cooper what he thought about the Canadian Film Market and he emphasized the youths involvement needing to be more prominent. Here is the entire interview (below):

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