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Meet Terra Pham – Graphic Designer, Photographer and MIC 2018 Intern at Toronto International Film Festival. Terra first made herself noticeable at 14 years old when she volunteered as an assistant graphic designer to work on the festival magazine produced by Suite Life Arts for Youth for its annual youth-led  StArt Youth Presenting Art Festival.  Now 18, Terra already have one year of OCAD University under her belt and is still volunteering, but now she is the lead graphic designer for the annual festival magazine, and is just as ferociously creative with her camera. Intensely curious about all aspects of the creative industries, Terra’s MIC internship continues her media arts exploration. and we are looking forward to sharing her journey.


Felipe Lopez_Photograph

MIC 2017 INTERN @ TIFF & Locarno Film Festivals

Meet Felipe Gomez, MIC 2017 Intern at both Locarno and TIFF. An extraordinarily focused young man with a passion for architecture that has found resonance in film. This passion and his eagerness to learn and accumulate experience has taken him immediately from his Columbian high-school graduation to study film in Germany, Argentina and here to Canada where during one of Marva’s 2016 “Producing Documentaries” workshops at LIFT http://lift.ca/workshops/producing-documentary-film-14 he discovered our MIC Internship Program.   Felipe’s industry views are insightful and his perspectives are those of a newly minted immigrant without the baggage of complacency.


2016 Interns slide Y and C


This year we are pleased to have two incredible content and communication specialists for the 2016 MIC /TIFF program. Meet Yasmine Mathurin a multimedia journalist, filmmaker and 2016 Ryerson University Journalism Master Degree graduate and  Cherise Solomon, a media-maker, dancer, social media marketer and Ryerson University – Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media/3rd year student.

They will explore, cover and share the rush of Canadian talent screening and attending the 41st Toronto International film Festival (September  8 – 18), we are excited about their POV and look forward to another great year of films, events and celebrating our home grown talent in our own backyard.


TIFFPress copy

MIC at Toronto International Film Festival/Market 2016

Canadians are well represented at TIFF 2016 and they too are on the chase. Made In Canada at TIFF is an opportunity to support our own creators and offer a peek behind the curtain of toil, perseverance, luck and occasional magic that goes into taking a project from idea to screen.


cropped-img_5697.jpg   Canada World of Talent at Cannes 2015img_8033-0


Lucky for us and thanks to  Film Market Access Cannes Program, we were looking forward to covering Canadian Content abroad and taking on our first blogger, Danica Oliva, a young woman with the skill, curiosity and passion for the role. From Cannes Film Festival will come MIC Views inaugural blogs.

Danica Oliva is on the cusp of a career in film. She is graduating into an industry where the old paradigm of first you make, then you market it is no longer valid or an option. VOD revenues have Box Office earnings looking over its shoulder and driving the need for Content Creators/Producers to deploy a social media strategy right out the gate, and do so in tandem with the development, production and promotion of their content in order to gain market penetration.


The MIC Internship Program offers 2 internships during the largest international film festivals located in the most exciting and renowned film city in the world – Toronto.

The programs is a unique combination of  exposure to the film and entertainment industry, exclusive behind- the-scenes access to  industry events, professional development workshops and a range of networking opportunities that make for a resume building internship.

Interns will be engaged in attending and covering  screenings, panels, events  and more! The program have two primary goals non more important than the other:

  • Engage and Encourage Canadian audiences exploration and interaction with the works created by Canadian Content Makers
  • Build industry awareness, professionalism, business skills and resilience within the arts creation community.

The internship also provides a series of one-on-one meetings with mentors and industry experts, who will help you refine your skills, build your resume/cv, and ultimately help you develop a body of work through MIC publishing platforms to support your growth towards employment in your desired field.

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MIC INTERNS 2010- 2017

2017  MIC TIFF & Locarno Festival Intern – Felipe Gomez

2016 MIC TIFF Festival Interns – Yasmine Mathurin (CAN)/ Cherise Solomon

2015 MIC Cannes Festival Intern – Danica Oliva (CAN)

“Sitting in the Canadian Pavilion at Cannes really puts my idea of Canadian filmmaking into perspective. This industry is overwhelming and challenging but it is comforting to see the talent and support happening in the Canadian ‘umbrella’ of the filmmaking market” Danica Oliva,

2015 MIC TIFF Festival Intern  – Shaloma Dire (CAN)

2014 MIC TIFF Festival Interns Alison Lacey (CAN) and Marissa Blanchard (USA)

 “I was incredibly excited and intrigued to be focusing on the Canadian industry given that I am Canadian myself and hoping one day to make films that will get into Tiff. I absolutely loved being exposed to established and emerging Canadian filmmakers and their films and highlighting the importance of the audience” Alison Lacey, CAN

2013 MIC TIFF Festival Interns – Michael Merson, USA Larkin Statten (CAN)

“The program was focused and dense, and I left Toronto feeling like I had been a part of something big, and had direct impact on what people saw and heard about this years Canadian film entries” – Michael Merson, USA

2012 MIC TIFF Festival Interns –  Noah Petrie (USA) Intern / Trainer: Jon Bunning

“Covering Canadian Films was both enlightening and instructive – thank you for the experience it was profound and eye opening” – Noah Petrie, USA

2011 Banff Centre Residency/MIC Digital Media  Internship – Cathy Chen, CAN

“the program gave me the opportunity to work together in a focus creative environment with creators accross Canada to propel this project forward and brought us closer together  – especially over 3pm dessert time” – Cathy Chen

2011 MIC TIFF Festival Intern – Jon Bunning (UK/CAN)

2010 MIC BANFF Television Festival – Joyce Wong (CAN), Jon Bunning (UK)

2010 MIC Production – Madeline Cohen (CAN) /  Jon Bunning (UK/CAN)