Why We Do What We Do

The making of the Made In Canada Documentary film shed light on the issues, successes, talent, struggles, and everything that has to do with the Canadian film industry, and our production team at Doe Eye Media became intimate witness to the most critical reveal of the production – the impact lack of domestic audience awareness and engagement with Canadian content has on our industry growth. This understanding has charted an evolutionary after-life for the project, and our legacy strategies all have a primary goal: encourage and grow Canadian audience discovery and engagement with Canadian content


marva-profile-image  Orla-Durban Program Profil Pic

Meet Marva Ollivierre and Orla Garriques

The Made In Canada grassroots audience building strategies have been continuous since 2009. Our purposeful work to reach out beyond the insular tendencies of our industry is accomplished using a series of mechanism:including: interns to assist in spreading the message; mailers; workshops; social media platforms; networking, ect.  Our objective is to encourage and shine a light, not just on those content creators whose work we may have already seen or heard, but purposely on those committed to creating, even without support of a home-base audience

The world of content creation and distribution has changed dramatically and Filmmakers/Content Creators around the globe are all chasing international collaboration, financing and sales for their creations in what is quickly becoming a “borderless” industry. How are Canadian content producers grappling with this paradigm shift; are there real career opportunities to be had in this new world of content creation; what are the hoped for benefits that can be realized from a visit to a Festival/Markets like Cannes and TIFF? Attempting to find the answers to these questions have taken us into the world of documentary blogging. Lucky for us and thanks to our  Made in Canada (MIC) Internship Program, we have a new generation of talent on hand to explore this vast and rapid shifting mediascape. Look for MIC  Bloggers to continue blogging as we celebrate the 41st anniversary of our own Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

MIC Intern slide 2010-2016

MIC  Internship Program

Since the start of our documentary in 2009, mentorship and training through production and access has has been a key part of our mandate. Not only to provide answers for the next generation of Canadian talent but to create opportunities.

Each year we task our MIC Interns to grow their awareness of Canada’s content creators and their media art as they themselves stand on the cusp of joining their ranks.Click here to learn more about our interns and program.


MIC Documentary Production Team

Made in Canada – an intimate, p.o.v. exploration of the shifting landscape facing workers of the Canadian film and television industry, exemplified by the story of an aspiring documentary filmmaker knee deep in an “early-life career crisis” and attempting to gauge what the future has in store for his dream of making films in Canada.

At the heart of this documentary is the business of telling stories, the euphoric high of being in production, the Canadian resources that facilitate the process, the spirit, energy and sacrifices of the dedicated craftsmen and women who make ‘screen-magic’, the audiences that support their incredible efforts.

MADE IN CANADA is a documentary production, Writers MARVA OLLIVIERRE & SCOTT BOYD, Director SCOTT BOYD, Producer MARVA OLLIVIERRE, Associate Producer ORLA GARRIQUES, Director Photography MAYA BANKOVIC, Editor JARED RAAB, Sound Recordist SEAN KOCH



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