The Team


Marva Ollivierre
President Doe Eye Media Productions Inc. 

Gemini nominee executive producer, Marva Ollivierre, a management accountant, award-winning writer, and food enthusiast leads Doe Eye Media. Productions Inc.

A passionate artist, skilled producer, veteran cross-disciplinary arts production general manager, Marva Ollivierre is intensely curious and has a multi-dimensional perspective and broad knowledge on the “business” of creating screen content and delivering over 75 hours credited broadcast hours.

BARB Workshops and Mentorship initiatives draws on 25 years in arts and culture and all quadrants of Marva’s vast experience including: creating/presenting the highly effective cross-Canada lecture series on making your art your business; and 5 years as Executive Producer and Head of Business Affairs at Inner City Films (ICF) where she successfully directed corporate rebranding, revamped production procedures and policies, implemented budget controls, brought distribution in-house and engineered marketing/sales strategies that has yet to stop yielding significant international licence fees for ICF. In addition, the re-focused and nurtured development slate delivered national recognition including: a best doc/lifestyle Gemini win, and four drama nominations.

Doe Eye Media is a progressive independent media production house, whose passion, vision and creativity remains un-dimmed after 25 years in the arts and culture industry.  Re-branded in 2006, the company’s focus is on producing content that engage and impact the community at large, and while doing so endeavor to carve out opportunities for meaningful mentorship initiatives. BookMobile Inc. is its educational production divisionDOE EYE MEDIA:



Orla Garriques
Founder OG&CO Media Co-Laboratory  

Orla is a multi-faceted professional working at the intersection of television, film, new media and the arts. She has worked for leading media institutions to deliver a range of special initiatives that foster professional development and promotion of screen-based content and talent. Initiatives such as CFC Media Lab’s ASTOUND Initiative; NFB’s Filmmakers-In-Residency; ReelWorld Film Foundation Completion Fund; MIC Internship program and most recently the South Africa Business Model Programme. She has also worked for a range of award-winning production companies in the areas of development, business affairs, marketing and audience engagement such as WestWind Pictures (Little Mosque on the PrairieDesigner Guys and Goldmind), Hungry Eyes Production (Guns), Inner City Films (Skin Deep and Jozi-H) and Doe Eye Media (Made In Canada and Bannock& Bratwurst). Her personal work includes a mix of documentary, digital and interactive installation productions (DruMeBa, Street Health, iNity and ArtN’fact).

Orla is committed to use media as a means to engage, entertain, educate and empowerAn Avid entrepreneur, Orla formed OG & CO, a collective of subject matter experts that specializes in professional development training and “in the field mentorship.

The Co-Laboratory a new start-up initiative aimed at supporting healthy lifestyle balance and entrepreneurial growth in the creative content space. LIVE – WORK- PLAY!