Reflection on the diversity conversation

The Canadian film industry is like a pair of suede gloves that was gifted to me, I can’t seem to get myself to actually use them regularly. Not because I don’t like suede or gloves… It’s nice. It does the job and keeps me somewhat warm but, as a newbie filmmaker, I’m not sure how it really fits with my lifestyle yet. I know that the gloves works for me when it gets cold, and on occasion I get the urge of rubbing them because they feels soft, but…. I don’t know if my hands really fit. I also don’t see a lot of people that look like me, rocking the gloves. … I remember feeling somewhat annoyed at the fact that I had to watch Canadian films, when I wanted to watch Birth of Nation, La La Land, Queen of Katwe, Moonlight and more! But after having a very honest conversation with MIC’s very own Orla, I realized the problem. I left the experience with a lot of questions. Like how can I expect to see better stories on screen, if I don’t go and support the ones that are made here? How can I, as an aspiring filmmaker, expect to build something, if I don’t spend money on the industry itself? … More Reflection on the diversity conversation